Marine Department, Thailand


BIMS has been duly recognised by Thailand’s Marine department. The Institute is amongst the top ranking Maritime Institute of Thailand and the only Institute in Thailand which has approvals and accreditations from world’s renowned maritime Authorities.

  Ministry of Education, Thailand


BIMS is also recognized by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. It was also adjudged amont top three schools amongst the other schools due to its quality of education and modern equipment during the year 2009. It is also periodically inspected by the representatives of the MOE to ensure that BIMS maintains its quality.

  ISO 9001 by BVQI


With 80,000 clients in more than 100 Countries delivering over 100,000 certificates Bureau Verities Certification (BVQI) is the world leading certification body which ensure that all prosesses and procedure are complied with by certified institutes. BIMS is certified by BVQI since 2006 and is the only ISO 9001 certified maritime Institute in Thailand.

  Warsash Maritime Academy, UK


Warsash Maritime Academy (WMA) is one of the leading and premier Maritime Training Academy in the world. It is affiliated to Solent University of Southampton UK. BIMS provides Cadet as well as GEC courses under approval of MCA (Maritime and Coast guard Authority of UK) jointly with WMA and Solent University under the working arrangement with the Warsash Maritime Academy.

  Australian Maritime College


Australian Maritime College (AMC) is the leading Nautical Institute in the world and pioneer in various facets of maritime training. It is affiliated to Tasmania University Australia and the courses are approved by Australian maritime and safety Authority (AMSA) Australia. BIMS and AMC jointly provide COC-3 deck Cadet course under the approval of AMSA.

  School of Maritime ,Fiji
School of Maritime and fisheries in Fiji is the leading Institute in the Pacific Island state and its certificates are recognized worldwide. The COC holder from Fiji gets good preference on job worldwide and can give exams for higher ranks such as Chief mate or mates from UK, Singapore, and Australia etc. BIMS offers, cadet, GEC, Bridging course jointly under the recognition of Fiji Island Maritime & Safety Authority Fiji the FIMSA.

  Swedish Club Certificate from Swedish Club


The Swedish Club Sweden is one of the pioneer organisations involved in conceptualizing, developing and marketing the Maritime Resource Management Course in addition to its normal charter of function. BIMS was also the pioneer in Introducing the MRM course in Thailand and till to date have qualified more than 750 participants. It offers MRM course under license with the Swedish club.



The Liberian Registry- the second largest in the world includes well over 3,100 ships of more than 96 million gross tons, which represents 10 percent of the world’s ocean going fleet. As the world’s premier open ship registry, the Liberian Maritime Program is renowned for quality, efficiency, safety and service Likewise, the Liberian Registry is recognized at the top of every industry “white-list” including the international Maritime Organization and the major Port State Control authorities such as the US Coast Guard as well as the Paris and Tokyo MOU regimes. Furthermore, according to the U.S. Maritime Administration, Liberian flagged vessels carry more than one-third of the oil imported into the United.

Liberian Registry

BIMS Maritime is the Authorial training center of Liberian Maritime. All mariners can take all levels of Examinations from Rating to officer like AB, deck cadet, chief mate or master. BIMS GP rating course as well as four basic courses are also approved by Liberian Maritime Bureau.



The Panama Maritime, an autonomous State agency established through Law Decree No.7 February 10th, 1998, linked the Maritime competencies which till that date were managed by the National port Authority, the Directorate General consular of Vessels. It is one of the world’s biggest registries of shipping with more than 6000 ships registered and flying the Panama Flag.

BIMS Maritime is the Authorial filing agent for applying for issuance of all the certificates including CDC. Approval by Panama maritime authorities