Position : Head of Nautical Faculty
Graduated from Merchant Marine Training Centre (MMTC) in Thailand, Captain Waranchai has been a seafarer throughout his 17 years, lasting until 2005. He has years of experience as master in Regional Container Line Pte., Ltd. and has been involed in maritime training through out his career at sea. He is one of the senior lecturer of BIMS who is involed in advance training.
Position : Senior Lecturer
Captian Tan is an experienced Master who has spend most of his time at sea as tanker master. He has served as Chief Officer and Master on vessels owned by Sinsimon Navigation Co., Ltd. and has served as junior deck officer in Great Circle Shipping Company Limited and Thoresen & Co., (Bangkok) Ltd, the worldwide shipping line in Thailand.
After quitting his seafarering career in 2008, he joined BIMS in March 2009 to share his knowledge and experience in Navigation and Bridge Watch Keeping to the new generation of Merchant Marine officers.
Position : Senior Lecturer
Captain Trithape is a veteran seafarer with a decades of experience as master on oil tanker. He has also served as marine superintendant of Natthalin Management Co.,ltd, Operation Manager of P.I.N.K. Management.  and as Designated Person (DP) / Operation Manager of Siam Maritime Co.,ltd and Marine Consultant of Navakun transport co.,ltd.
He brings years of experience and knowledge to support and guide younsters.
Position : Senior Instructors

Mr. James retired from Indian Navy after 15 years of distinguished service during which he was a part of the Navigation department and attained a very good knowledge in navigation and related subjects.

He joined BIMS as training consultant in 2006 and continuing the regime till to date, where he is performing instructional duties. He is also the Marine Simulator expert handling the operation and maintenance of all the fitted simulators in BIMS. He was adjudged best employee of BIMS for the year 2009 due to his hard work and dedicated service. He is also looking after the BIMS hostel as warden.

Position : Senior Instructors
Mr. Sethi has served Indian Navy for more than 35 years out of which 20 years in managerial levels (includes Master Chief Boson mate of various types of ships including Oil Tanker of GRT 27,000 Tonnes and also carried out Instructional duties at National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune, India). He was a member of Training Team to train the ship’s crew in performing their duties on board ships.
He Joined BIMS as Training Consultant in Jun 2009. He is performing the instructional duties and also carrying the duties of assistant Course Officer of Deck Cadets.
Position : Senior Instructors

Mr. Tanwar is an Ex-Navy communicator with 15 years of distunguished service. After retirement he took up job in Maritime industry and worked as Asst. Barge Master onboard Sea Stallion and Sea Patriot from Nov 2006 to Mar 2007 respectively.

He later worked at the Marine Institute approved by DG shipping, Govt. of India, New Delhi, as a key founding member of faculty. During his tenure he worked in different field of training and education including conducting classes (seamanship/signaling/practical exercise), maintenance and took administrative responsibilities of various courses from Nov 2002 to Nov 2006 AND REJOIN May 2007 to Aug 2009.

He Joined BIMS as Training Consultant in Aug 2009. Presently he is lookingafter the GP Rating classes and in-charge of BIMS hostel as warden.